Business card dachshund digest 010113v4 ”We” are looking forward to seeing you all later today….the weather is going to be okay, so wrap up warmly and see you at the intersection of the Skipton Rail Trail and Cuthbert’s Street.

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“Our” French Dachshund Mates

Well “We” just want to go to the beautiful Provence in France where “Our” French correspondent lives….they walk a lot and take dogs…and get this …..a Dachshund is part of it…..here is a thirsty Sally get some water. What a beauty “We” love her!


By the way “We” salute Tickle in the foreground who is three-legged and still joins the walks!

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Mieke and the Car

The best thing in Whole Wide World for me (Mieke) is going for a ride with Cazza in the car.

I have my seat belt on and away we go…..then we park and I just look out the window and have the odd bark!



Sometimes it is a bit boring…..


That mirror sure does “Me” justice….”I” am just twice as cute!

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Nicholas and The Dachshund

Well you see….Mieke here….it was Grandpa’s (known as Foss to some….because he is old!)birthday recently…so

Cazza and “I” went to the shops and “I” bought him a lovely memento of “Me”!! (“I” am a bit vain “I” agree….but “I” am a Dachshund!!!)

The Very Best bookends ever!


Grandpa (Foss) is terribly vain because he keeps books about himself (can you believe it!)…..you see a national secret is now out because his real name is…..look at the picture….Nicholas!!! (“We” prefer Foss!)

He even has books about himself as a little boy…..you all must look out for them they are brilliant! (Ed – Amazon have them)

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Mieke updates Dachshund Digest

Well “We” take it in turns to send blogs for all “Our” friends in the Whole Wide World.

Last time it was Sam….


Mieke – this time Sam has been teaching “Me” and now “I” am seriously computer literate!!


(Ed. – Great work Mieke!!)


And then “I” get bored and have a little sleep…..the whole internet thing is a bit overrated (except for the Dachshund Digest!!)












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Monday Smiles – Looking for a Security System at Home?

imagesCA5GJINH“We” are guaranteed to be the Best Home Security System…and “We” have branches all over the Whole Wide World…so “We” must be good!!!










Be careful, VERY careful….you don’t stand on “Us”.

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Dachshund Colours

Sam and Lulu here…..

“We” Dachshunds come in various types. The Gorgeous Mieke is the traditional Black and Tan.


There are dappled, cream, chocolate and tan, and many other colours. (Ed – if interested read more here http://www.dachshund-owner-guide.com/dachshund-colors.html)

With the colours ”We” then come as short-haired, long-haired, wired haired, and smooth haired.

“We” are smooth haired Reds…..and we are females!


Recently while listening to television in the evenings “We” have noticed a lot of ”not so nice” noise about a red-headed lady. “We” don’t get it!

As Red females we just have so much love in “Us” that everybody just loves “Us”.

Let the love flow and forgive!

Hopefully the humans will learn something from what has happened…although somehow we doubt it!


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Dachshunds and humans…the Truth!

As “We” would run the country way better than humans the following is important information for Dachshund owners or potential owners…..


So there you have it folks…..Dachshunds Rock!

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The 25th Annual Ugliest Dog Contest


“We” were quite worried that some weird human might try to make the “Cutest Dog Breed in the Whole Wide World” —THE DACHSHUND— into the Ugliest Dog!!

So no surprise…we were not in the Ugly competition!

Grandpa is of the view that the humans involved in this Ugly Dog competition, need to visit their therapist (of the psychological type). “We” agree with him –  dogs and especially Dachshunds should be for making humans smile like “We” always do!!

The finalists……


O boy….that tongue….weird…


And lastly a Geelong supporter with a difference, who “We” think in this photo is not ugly (no tongue!!)….but it is the same dog as the one above!!!

Ugly Dog Contest

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God Loves Dachshunds because “We” are so Funny!

Well “We” were looking at “Our” Kindle reader the other day for a new book to read.

What “We” saw was not a surprise at all.

You see the book shown below proves beyond doubt that Dachshunds are the Best dogs in the Whole Wide World….even God has one!!

Not sure if the humans have a book like this….maybe they don’t deserve it because they don’t love each other enough!! (You see at the moment ”We” hear Grandpa going on about the pollies {? what are they?} in a rude way!!!)


Saint Peter narrates a story that begins when God stops by the Pearly Gates and
says, “I’m thinking of getting a dog.” He asks Saint Peter for his opinion as to
whether He should create the perfect dog from scratch or go over to Doggy Heaven
to select one. Saint Peter suggests that God consider Mozart, a dachshund that
Saint Peter has been watching and considers to be the funniest dog he has ever
seen on earth. Mozart arrives in Heaven within the month and interviews with God
to become His dog.

“I” am funny….and cute!


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