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Crazy Dachshunds

“We” have noticed that some of our Dachshund relatives are a bit crazy. Have a look at this picture and tell “Us” that this Dachshund is not just plain crazy! “We” just want to put on the record that cats … Continue reading

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Respect to Those Who have Gone Before “Us”

One of the “Our” hobby horses (hobby Dachshunds we think sounds a whole lot better!) is respecting our heritage. “We” were looking in an old album and found one of our forbears….like from way back in dog years….maybe thousands of … Continue reading

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Chilling Out

Well now it is time to relax. “We” found a piece of beautiful warm sun and did a bit of sunbathing while taking a ‘power’ nap. All in a days work for such beauts like “Us”. “We” actually like sleeping…and … Continue reading

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Dachshund Humour

“We” saw this and thought, now that really shows off our main feature…”We” are sausage dogs and “We” are long…and really darn cute when you think about it! O and by the way Mondays can be pretty long  

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Sam gets a Facial

As we all know ladies love to be pampered. One of the favourites is heading out for a facial. Well “We” have been trained in the latest therapies and can confidently say they work. I mean just look at ”Us” – our … Continue reading

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Who is Mort?

“We” have had some questions about the post on Vitamin D and the reference to Mort. Who is Mort? Well “We” have been trying to keep it all under wraps, but ”We” let it slip!! Sort of on purpose!! Mort is … Continue reading

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A Good Dose of Vitamin D

While “We” were recently on holiday at the seaside, ”We” made sure ”We” got in some serious beach time. So healthy for you. Mind you under the watchful eye of “Our” Granny (otherwise known as Cazza) we did not burn. Playing in … Continue reading

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Dachshund Humour

Okay so “We” like the odd laugh every now and then….even at “Our” own expense! Sometimes ”We” feel ”We” have to work too hard chasing balls and stuff, seemingly to get fed!

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Olympics are Over

Things in life move on….and sadly the London Olympics are over. “We” think Team GB did a fabulous job and the British Bulldogs can be proud! We still think “Waldi” was the best mascot ever.         We … Continue reading

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Holidays at the Seaside

Well did “We” have a great a few days when “We” went on a short holiday to “Our” very special seaside resort. Just to clarify, “We” do not do the whole swimming thing, but we do enjoy getting out in the … Continue reading

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