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Who Writes the Blog – Sam of course!

Now “We” know that all of you are wondering “Who writes the blog…Sam or Lulu?” Sam is quite a studious and serious lady, while Lulu…well she is quite relaxed, a bit nervous, and would not know what an iPad is!! Whereas … Continue reading

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Vegetarian Dachshunds!

Okay so “We” are New Age Dachsunds…like “We” are like with it man! (Not really but anyway! – ed) You know our Momma and Pappa, they are just a bit crazy! “We” hear them talking about planting lettuce in the … Continue reading

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Picasso Loved “Lump”

Well, well, well. “We” Dachshunds are a famous breed. “We” have owned some really famous people. One of those is the great artist Picasso. “Our” distant relative called “Lump” and Picasso were inseparable during their lives. Guess what? The most … Continue reading

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Well “We” have introduced you to Momma and now it is Pappa’s turn. Pappa is so funny and just loves to play with “Us” and “We” love him to bits (actually we often bite things to bits!!!) Now ”We” don’t know … Continue reading

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Dachshund Shopping

Well did “We” see this great little number…”We” tried really hard to get our Momma to buy one but she said she was not “into pink”.  Can you believe it! “We” still think it is very smart and if “We” had … Continue reading

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“We” thought “Our” faithful readers…and wow do they love “Us”….might want to know a bit about the humans in “Our” lives. So lets start with our Momma…..and there will be more to come! She is like the most beautiful human … Continue reading

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Dachshund Shopping

Now you will have gathered that “We” are cute, young, and yes quite sexy girls of the Dachshund variety! “We” love shopping and are constantly looking out for Dachshund stuff. “We” live in Australia and have a clothing retailer called … Continue reading

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Shuffling Courtesy of Lulu!

“We” all know about Michael Jackson and the whole moon walk thing. He was good, but…. Well Lulu is the  Dachshund Shuffling Champion of the World. If there was an Olympic gold medal for Dachshund Shuffling Lulu would win it hands … Continue reading

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Dinkum Dachshund Mates

“We” are delighted to tell you about some new additions to “Our” “Dinkum Dachshund Mates”. “Our” new friends are Winnie and Rue (such fabulous names!). They are 9 weeks old and as their older cousins “We” will be giving them lots of naughty advice … Continue reading

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Sleeping on “Our” Backs

Now ”We” have to admit ”We” are the cutest dogs in our community. “We” love sleeping on “Our” backs whenever ”We” can!! As you can see “We” are very relaxed about showing of in this position which some people might think is rude…well … Continue reading

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