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“We” Celebrate the Best Great Granny in the Whole Wide World!


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Dachshund Brain Review

Some smiles from “Us” for the new work week….while ”We” just loaf around all day!!! So those of you who are considering getting  a Dachshund, (and “We” know there are a few of you secretly doing the analysis!!)  here is how “Our” brain works! … Continue reading

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“Our” Loving Great Granny 90th Birthday

“We” are just the happiest Dachshunds in the Whole Wide World. “We” have the best Great Granny in the Whole Wide World and she is going to be 90 tomorrow! “We” love her to bits and she loves cuddles with “Us”….see the … Continue reading

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Just Chilling Out

“We” know you all love pictures of “Us”….so here are a few shots. Sam with the legs out back, Lulu’s face and “Us” taking in some sunbathing! Just the cutest Wieners in town!  

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Dachshund Humour – The Rude T Shirt!

“We” think this is a very rude T-shirt…..”We” could never be a “pain in the ass”….well okay maybe sometimes. Have a smile and enjoy your Monday and the week. “We” are going to have a great week…”Our” Cazza comes home with … Continue reading

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Fascinating Dachshund History – “We” are Making History!!

“We” feel it necessary to keep educating you all on Dachshunds….in the hope that one day you will get one…or two!! So read on as Dachshunds are back on the “popular” dog list. By the way if you really are … Continue reading

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Waiting for Cazza to come home!

Regular readers will know that “Our” Cazza is coming home soon after being away for over 2 months. “We” are checking with ”Our” lawyers to see if this fits the definition of “Dachshund Negligence”. “We” believe “We” have a good case! … Continue reading

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Sam – the close up of “Me”!

Well “I” thought “I” might give you a close up of my cute little face. You see “I” have this really long nose so that ”I” can get down the badger holes when ”I” go hunting…after all Dachshund means “Badger Dog”. To … Continue reading

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Weiner Humour

Now “We” like a good laugh every now and then…at “Our” own expense! Now you do know about these words “Weiner” and “Sausage Dog”. “We” found this photo and fortunately it is not one of “Us”, otherwise “We” would have … Continue reading

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The Great Human Foot Competition!!

Okay so yesterday ”We” brought you the Great Dachshund Paw Competition……and the Weiner was……watch this space as entries are pouring in!! Now see if you can guess the human feet in the photos below!! This is ”Me” Lulu having an early morning snuggle (with who??) which … Continue reading

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