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The Great Dachshund Paw Competition!

On the whole “We” are the cutest dogs in the Whole Wide World…..this you all know! But one view of ”Us” not often seen is the underneath of ”Our” feet…so here they are. The competition is to guess which paw belongs to … Continue reading

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“Our” friends the Alpacas

Now “We” know you love just reading about “Us” …the most beautiful Sausage Dogs in the whole wide world! (Ed – now calm down girls, don’t get too full of “Yourselves”) But sometimes ”We” like to feature some other cute animals. Anyway … Continue reading

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“We” are so Excited…..Cazza is coming home soon!

Yes Cazza who has been away now for a few months is coming home. Like, “We” are so excited…..the phone, the I Pad, Skype are just not the same as ”Our” beautiful Cazza in the flesh. So to celebrate ”We” are sending Cazza … Continue reading

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Dachshund shot dead – shameful act – RIP Levi.

Editor Post: This blog is a lighted hearted look at the life and times of Sam and Lulu, two lovely miniature smooth dachshunds. They are a fearless, feisty, loving and “great mate” breed with their DNA  hot wired to defend their owners and territory. A … Continue reading

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Dachshund Halloween!

So “We” are of German heritage and live in Australia (The Lucky (Dog) Country!). Halloween is not really ”Our” thing, and our Grandpa is like, “what is this about?” (but then he is an old fossil!). “Our” Pappa though hails from … Continue reading

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