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The Best Holiday Place in the World – Planetrees In Stanley, Victoria.

Now many of you will remember “Our” friend Zsa Zsa. Now Zsa Zsa lives in the beautiful Stanley (near Beechworth). Zsa Zsa rules over one of the best boutique accommodation options in the Beechworth area. They allow dogs and especially … Continue reading

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RIP Bayli

“We” want to acknowledge a fantastic dog……and yes outside of Dachshunds there are fabulous dogs too! Everybody loved Bayli. Bayli may you Rest in Peace, and “We” are thinking of Richard and Melanie at this time.

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First Day at School

    Well quite honestly “I” was a bit underwhelmed by it all, even if Cazza and Grandpa though it was great. Well first….free time, off lead with other dogs….firstly “I” was the smallest dog amongst 8 other dogs. They were … Continue reading

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Ballarat Dachshund Social Club

“We” all had a great timing meeting together…..”We” found this great field that was fully fenced and we went off lead and went ballistic….ran and chased balls and bonded. Naturally “We” had a really special new member…….you guessed it was … Continue reading

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Mieke Day 4

Okay so what happened yesterday?…..”We” (Sam and Lulu) are absolutely exhausted….and so headed of for a nap this afternoon! Mieke “We” reckon is quite a handful for “Us”!! Mieke here….well those two “old girls” went for their nap and ”I” decided … Continue reading

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Mieke Day 3 Hamleys for Dachshunds!

O ”My” word Mieke here…..well Sam and Lulu let ”Me” into their toy basket today…..and it was like Hamleys for Dachshunds!! “We” all had a great time especially “Me” sitting in the basket!   And Sam and “I” chilling out after a … Continue reading

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Mieke Day 2

“We” have all been bonding today…, play, then sleep, sleep….   This is “Me” Sam having to give the little brat (Mieke) “the Look”, (notice the straight tail at the back which means “Don’t Mess with “Me””!!!) just to let … Continue reading

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Mieke Day1

O Wow have “We” had some fun! This little Mieke is quite the little lady….”She” loves to play, and “We” love her. Sam here…..As the eldest “I” am taking “My” responsibility very seriously… fact Momma would say ”I” am a tad … Continue reading

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Mieke – The journey!

“We” have had lots of chats with Mieke….so exciting…..”We” hardly slept with excitement! Yesterday “Our” Mieke travelled about 1500kms……can you believe it! A 2 hour drive from Inverell, NSW to Armidale, NSW, with the wonderful Marilyn. Then a flight from Armidale … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Beautiful Mieke

OMG…OMG…OMG Finally the wait is over….”We” have met the Beautiful Mieke…..and “We love her to bits!!! And gosh “She” is so small…..have a look…. Just had a bath, after a HUGE journey…..more on that later. What a Beautiful name…Mieke…..Dutch heritage…”Our” … Continue reading

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