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Well “We” have been beside “Ourselves”….strange behaviour, lack of sleep……”We” cannot wait. Now the questions….what is the name of the new puppy? …..Where is she from?…… Could it be “Our” half-sister? ……Will it be a RED dachshund (like “Us”)? ……or … Continue reading

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OMG OMG OMG…….OMG “Our” Cazza cannot help herself….she just cannot keep a secret… early this morning after breakfast she whispered to “Us” what the BIG NEWS was….. O WOW…..well “Our” Grandpa (Foss) and Cazza have….guess…..yes they decided to get a … Continue reading

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Dachshund Social Club of Ballarat – Reminder of Get Together.

This is a reminder to you all in Ballarat and surrounds, that ”We” are having a “Get Together” this Sunday (24th February) at 1730 at Morshead Park at 1003 Mt Pleasant Drive, Redan, Ballarat. This facility has fences most of the … Continue reading

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The Best Dachshund Wine in the World

So “We” have been hunting far and wide for the Best Wine in the World. “Our” hunt has ended… can all relax…..and yes it is a French wine. Don’t you just Love it?? “We” do…once again the famous Dachshund is … Continue reading

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OMG, OMG…..Are “We” excited or are “We” excited. Now “Our” Cazza is showing signs of real excitement. While she was giving “Us” a foot massage today……one like this…. ….Cazza whispered to “Us” that later this week there is a HUGE … Continue reading

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The Dachshund United Nations General Assembly (including a Brazil connection!)

Now you all think “We” have gone crazy…..but “We” are not crazy, just bloody cute (Ed, language girls!) Yes it was held in Melbourne, Australia not too long ago bringing delegates from all over the world…..can you imagine the bliss … Continue reading

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Dachshund Art

“We” are so proud that one of “Our” kind had such an influence on Picasso….yes and Lump was his name…. This is the MOST famous Picasso….the rest of Picasso’s art was good but this one “We” feel is simply……..outstanding! Then “We” … Continue reading

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Dachshunds are Champions!

Well did ”We” find out what fine Dachshunds ”We” really are?…not that “We” did not know already!! “We” went to a Dog show recently, and saw lots of funny looking dogs…..”We” mean, if it isn’t long and low to the ground how … Continue reading

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“We” have never seen Snow”!

  You see “We” like to poop in style, but this is ridiculous….”We” just cannot believe it! (Ed….I have turned down photos  of Sam and Lulu doing their poops!!)

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Facebook and “Us”!

Well you see ”We” are the younger generation and because “Our” faces are so bloody cute, “We” thought maybe “We” would give Facebook a go. Here are “Our” Faces…Sam on the top and Lulu on the bottom!           Now … Continue reading

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