Well hello from the “Us” or “We” as we are often called by our owners. As in the owners saying amongst themselves when talking about “Us”…”what are “We” doing?”. or when they try to think what we want they might say….(what about “Us”?) and then they say…”Well, “We” want to say go and play”. Humans can be crazy sometimes especially around dachshunds!

“Us” – we are Sam, Lulu and Mieke and as you will see from our pictures (and “We” not camera shy…bit like pop stars really) “We” are smooth haired miniature Dachshunds. “We” are just so bloody cute it is unbelievable!

The people in our lives are funny really, but ”We”  love them……here they are….

Momma, Pappa, Grandpa and Granny (also known as Cazza – as in “Cazza is very cross with “You”"). There are a whole lot of others friends that absolutely love ”Us” and you will meet them as our wonderful lives unfold.

So glad you came to visit “Us” , enjoy your stay, and come back at anytime because “We” will always be up to something.

Love Ya.

Come back and see "Us" soon, "We" love ya.