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Sam and Lulu ( The Hassles....ed) wish to thank you so much for visiting our blog. We are dachshunds very proud to be independent, but we love having friends to visit. So please put us in your favourites and come back and see us. We wont bite, we will be cute and you will learn to love us! All our love until next time.

DIARISE NOW – NEXT CLUB MEETING 11am Saturday 27th July.

  “We” got hold of Grandpa the other day… with most humans this is quite difficult! (humans always say they are so busy…with what “We” ask?…often seems mindless to “Us”….! Chill out, smell the roses and play with “Us”!) The … Continue reading

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Dachshund and Polar Bears

Now you all know this is a Dachshund blog, aimed to bring smiles to human faces…..and “We” love it! “We” were delighted to get information from “Our” Canadian correspondent… “We” thought, with all the spin that Polar Bears, were almost … Continue reading

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What Famous Humans said about “Us” Dachshunds

  Now “We” Dachshunds are the Best Breed in the Whole Wide World……… Imagine if humans were as good as “Us”…the World would be a better place….come on humans be kind to each other…a smile, a thank you….you know the … Continue reading

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“Petrol Heads” – not “Us” Dachshunds, but “We” do Like Style!!!

“Our” new friend Bentley from Club is wonderful… Well you see Bentley’s human male always promised his human female that he would buy her a Rolls Royce…. Unfortunately the human male could not afford a Rolls so bought a Bentley instead…. Oops … Continue reading

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Editor’s Post including a Request.

The “Girls” wanted me to have a chat with you about the website as we have many new readers….and who am I to refuse ”Their” request! Please feel free to send a picture of your Dachshund(s) and include a story if … Continue reading

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Dachshund Smiles for Monday

Come on humans own up…..who allows “Us” in the bed as a “hottie bottie” in winter????? Well you can try….but….”We” will win….Cesar Milan or not!!   O boy humans just cannot resist “Us” and “We” love it!!!       … Continue reading

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“Club” Meeting – Dachshund Heaven

OMG, OMG……it was absolutely unbelievable…..”We” simply had the BEST time ever at “The Dachshund Social Club of Ballarat” get together yesterday. Ten (10) of “Us” met for the biggest turnout to date…and Wow “We” are a great breed. To see … Continue reading

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Dachshunds Deal with Winter….

Now “We” are probably the smartest breed of dog, “Us” Dachshunds…. So Ballarat winters are cold…..well not quite like the English and Canadian correspondents….but “We” always have a solution. As you all know “We” are not into the whole “global … Continue reading

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Dachshund Injury…Lulu in the wars…

Sam here….not sure how it happened…promise it was not me!! After sustaining an injury to one of her nails, Lulu recently had to have the nail removed….The Best Dachshund Vet in the Whole Wide World “Doc Aaron” was called in and soon … Continue reading

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Stampeding Dachshunds….Be Very Scared!!

Well Grandpa had this thought…. (“We reckon it is always dangerous when he thinks!!)….to get a banner made like this one for the “Dachshund Club” meetings….because “We” do get a bit crazy when together, and “We” do like hunting as … Continue reading

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