Crazy Humans – Scary for “Us”!

Now “We” (all three of “Us” Dachshunds) have a bit of a problem with humans. “We” think they are crazy. You see “We” keep things simple.

So when some fools in a UN (United Nutcase) report talks about “cow emissions” damaging the climate, “We” then realise how glad “We” are that “We” are Dachshunds!


Where it gets scary for “Us” is that well sometimes “We” also…well how do we put this politely….mmm…fart! (Please language girls - Ed)

You see IF Grandpa believed this rubbish he might rush down and buy “Us” all a “Dachshund Converter Thingy” to stick up “Our ” bums.

Thank heavens Grandpa is one human with his head in the right place, not to believe that mere humans can really effect this beautiful worlds climate one little bit!



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