Dachshund Colours

Sam and Lulu here…..

“We” Dachshunds come in various types. The Gorgeous Mieke is the traditional Black and Tan.


There are dappled, cream, chocolate and tan, and many other colours. (Ed – if interested read more here http://www.dachshund-owner-guide.com/dachshund-colors.html)

With the colours ”We” then come as short-haired, long-haired, wired haired, and smooth haired.

“We” are smooth haired Reds…..and we are females!


Recently while listening to television in the evenings “We” have noticed a lot of ”not so nice” noise about a red-headed lady. “We” don’t get it!

As Red females we just have so much love in “Us” that everybody just loves “Us”.

Let the love flow and forgive!

Hopefully the humans will learn something from what has happened…although somehow we doubt it!


About Sam and Lulu

Sam and Lulu ( The Hassles....ed) wish to thank you so much for visiting our blog. We are dachshunds very proud to be independent, but we love having friends to visit. So please put us in your favourites and come back and see us. We wont bite, we will be cute and you will learn to love us! All our love until next time.
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