Dachshund shot dead – shameful act – RIP Levi.

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A few days ago this tragic incident took place in the quiet wine growing area of the Mornington Peninsular, just south of Melbourne, Australia.

This is disgusting behaviour and we know the police are investigating…may they bring the perpetrator to justice. What a pathetic creature who can do this to a dog.

Pet dog shot dead in Red Hill South backyard

Posted by: Ellen Feely|                                        31 October, 2012 – 11:10 AM                                   

A Red Hill South resident has been left devastated after finding his four-year-old pet Miniature Dachshund dog shot dead in his backyard.

Speaking with Neil Mitchell, Max Paganoni said came from home his restaurant, Max’s Restaurant, at around 7:45pm on Sunday to find ‘Levi’ dead.

“He was still actually warm when I picked him up,” he said.

”I got the vet to check to make sure it was a bullet because I didn’t want to accuse people of something that didn’t happen.

“The scariest thing is somebody is walking around with a gun and (is) happy to use it.”

The other three-year-old Miniature Dachshund who was also in the backyard at the time was unharmed. Max Paganoni said she has not been able to leave his side since Levi was killed.

Max Paganoni said the vet believed whoever had shot his dog had leant down to its height and shot him in the stomach. An autopsy will be conducted on Levi’s body.

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