Exciting News

“We” are very very excited to tell you that our blog is starting to come together. “They” tell us that things are happening and soon you will be able to see “Us”….you will love what you see!!

Be patient….that is one thing “We” lack, when “We’ want something “we” want it NOW…..that is “Us” wieners!

And by the way, if this your first visit please read the Important Message and About “Us”, tabs.

About Sam and Lulu

Sam and Lulu ( The Hassles....ed) wish to thank you so much for visiting our blog. We are dachshunds very proud to be independent, but we love having friends to visit. So please put us in your favourites and come back and see us. We wont bite, we will be cute and you will learn to love us! All our love until next time.
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2 Responses to Exciting News

  1. Greg says:

    Hi Hassles,
    You knew I would see your blog eventually. I must say you do get excited when you’re off for walks along the beach. During winter I have noticed your choice of warm but functional jackets. It’s always great to give you both a pat as you head through town.
    Dog Whisperer.

    • Sam and Lulu says:

      Hi Greg
      “We” love seeing you when we walk in the village….you are funny!

      Come back and see ud soon

      Sam and Lulu

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