Global Warming – so not.

(Note from Ed….after much persuasion I allowed this to be published…..Sam and Lulu have strong views  (as all Dachshunds do!!) on numerous subjects, this being one of them.

“We” were so relieved to see this sign the other day.


You see when “You” are soooo small…as “We” are …things can get scary.

“We” thought the world was going to end soon and that would be sad because “We” want to stay with Momma and Pappa because ”We” love them.

Anyway this sign says all will be well…after all there has been no global warming in the last 16 years…Yes - ”We” live on!

Humans can be nasty when they scare other humans…Grandpa says it must be about money and power…and “We” think he is right!

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