Welcome to this website from our family who love Dachshunds and more particularly love Sam, Lulu and Mieke…. our “little hassles”!!

With the help of their family they will tell you in words and in pictures all about their lives. They are keen to tell you a few things about them and the humans (and their behaviour!) with whom they live day-to-day.

The site has been inspired by the fact that Sam, Lulu and Mieke are to be honest, quite fascinating. Inspiration has also come from a need to “lighten up a little” in a crazy world. We do hope you have a giggle and a laugh along the journey.

This is the last time you will hear from humans on this site, unless the editor has a comment or two…then you will see this in brackets and signed “…ed”.

Enjoy, smile a bit. Sam, Lulu and Mieke do ask you to return often for a regular dose of happiness!

Kind Regards

The Family, who you will meet, and …ed!!


5 Responses to READ THIS FIRST

  1. Nina says:

    Wow I think his is such a brilliant site and idea! I love the sound of Sam and Lulu and have always loved daschunds. I woudl love to have a dog, but unfortunately live in a small flat in London and travel a lot and so it would not be fair to leave them when I am not there. I look forward to hearing more about their adventures!

  2. James says:

    Sam and Lulu look so cute. Looking forward to reading more about their adventures. We have a black standard called Molly.

  3. Caryn says:

    I want one! They really are the cutest things. Great blog!

    • Sam and Lulu says:

      Hi Caryn

      “We” are soooo happy you went on our site all the way from London.

      If you know anybody who has sausage dogs like “Us” please them the link…”We” just want to go viral!!

      Pass on to other dog lovers too!!

      Come back and visit us soon.


      Sam and Lulu

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