Mieke Day 4

Okay so what happened yesterday?…..”We” (Sam and Lulu) are absolutely exhausted….and so headed of for a nap this afternoon! Mieke “We” reckon is quite a handful for “Us”!!

Mieke here….well those two “old girls” went for their nap and ”I” decided it was time to explore…


and boy did “I” have fun….


so there was this heap of soil……and well with Dachshund meaning “Badger Hound” it was time to check ”My” genetic make up!!!

Dig a bit…..


It has got to there somewhere……


Okay time for the genes to kick in…..


Where is that bloody badger…..? (Ed…language young lady)


Almost got him…..



Darn, he got away…..need more training…..”No worries” bring on the next challenge!


Guess “I” am a bit dirty!!!!. Wonder what Cazza might think….?

O no and I don’t like baths…..Cazza the spoil sport!


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Sam and Lulu ( The Hassles....ed) wish to thank you so much for visiting our blog. We are dachshunds very proud to be independent, but we love having friends to visit. So please put us in your favourites and come back and see us. We wont bite, we will be cute and you will learn to love us! All our love until next time.
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