“We” thought “Our” faithful readers…and wow do they love “Us”….might want to know a bit about the humans in “Our” lives.

So lets start with our Momma…..and there will be more to come!

She is like the most beautiful human “We” have ever seen…..a bit like Reese Witherspoon actually. Reese is from Tennessee and likes country music (OMG – did you see her in that John Cash film “Walk The Line”….Oscar winning stuff). Well Kirsty is a closet country music lover too!! Now ssshh…..but so are “We”!

“We” are asked by the other dogs in town what she does…..exciting. She is a Pilates instructor. So when she is at home she will do her thing on the carpet with those roll things and spiky ball things (that we like to chew on!!!) and it so cool because all these things are at our height and we can play with her while she does whatever it is she is doing!!

She is like camera-shy but the paparazzi have around our place and got a picture of….no not her silly…. “Us” of course. Till next time on Momma!

About Sam and Lulu

Sam and Lulu ( The Hassles....ed) wish to thank you so much for visiting our blog. We are dachshunds very proud to be independent, but we love having friends to visit. So please put us in your favourites and come back and see us. We wont bite, we will be cute and you will learn to love us! All our love until next time.
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