DIARISE NOW – NEXT CLUB MEETING 11am Saturday 27th July.


Business card dachshund digest 010113v4

“We” got hold of Grandpa the other day…..like with most humans this is quite difficult! (humans always say they are so busy…with what “We” ask?…often seems mindless to “Us”….! Chill out, smell the roses and play with “Us”!)

The three of “Us” (Sam, Lulu and Mieke) gave him a serious talking to.

One of “Our” favourite walks with the Momma, Pappa, Grandpa and Cazza is on the Skipton Rail trail between Cuthbert’s Road and Carngham Road…..the main reason is that it is safe for “Us” to go “off lead” without running away!!!!

So “We” blasted Grandpa for not organising a “Club” meeting on the “Rail Trail”.

Well he went off with his tail between his legs and here it is…he has finally “made a plan”.


“We” will meet at the intersection of the Skipton Rail Trail and Cuthbert’s Street.

See you there!


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Dachshund and Polar Bears

Now you all know this is a Dachshund blog, aimed to bring smiles to human faces…..and “We” love it!

“We” were delighted to get information from “Our” Canadian correspondent…

“We” thought, with all the spin that Polar Bears, were almost extinct….and then this billboard picture arrives.


“We” are so relieved as Polar Bears are almost (but not quite so) as cuddly as “Us”


“Exciting news about polar bears in eastern Canada: a new peer-reviewed paper concludes that despite sea ice having declined since the 1970s, polar bear numbers in Davis Strait have not only increased to a greater density than other seasonal-ice sub populations, but it may now have reached its ‘carrying capacity.’ “Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science, 10 June 2013

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What Famous Humans said about “Us” Dachshunds


Now “We” Dachshunds are the Best Breed in the Whole Wide World………


Imagine if humans were as good as “Us”…the World would be a better place….come on humans be kind to each other…a smile, a thank you….you know the little things like “Us”!!!!!!


Anyway the “Life according to Dachshunds” starts here…..how about what these humans said about “Us”….

    • “Dachshunds are ideal dogs for small children, as they are already stretched and pulled to such a length that a child cannot do much harm one way or another.” - Robert Benchley
    • “Nothing will turn a man’s home into a castle more quickly and effectively than a Dachshund.” – Queen Victoria
    • “Dachshunds are really people with short legs in fur coats” – Author Unknown
    • “The secret of architectural excellence is to translate the proportions of a Dachshund into bricks, mortar and marble.” Sir Christopher Wren
    • “Wake me up as soon as you have the Dachshund house trained.”  Rip Van Winkle
    • “Man, I have been taught, was made in God’s image but the Dachshund, I have come to believe, was made in God’s spirit.”  Solomon

With love Sam, Lulu and Mieke!

(Ed…cannot guarantee these are 100% accurate….hey what the hell they sound okay!!)

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“Petrol Heads” – not “Us” Dachshunds, but “We” do Like Style!!!

“Our” new friend Bentley from Club is wonderful…


Well you see Bentley’s human male always promised his human female that he would buy her a Rolls Royce….

rolls royce

Unfortunately the human male could not afford a Rolls so bought a Bentley instead….

bentley carOops wrong picture…..!!!

The Best Bentley in the Whole Wide World…



Important Message for Dachshund Owners!

“We” are not petrol heads but “We” sure like style, so any humans who want to buy “Us” a Rolls or a Bentley is welcome….”We” think these cars suit “Our” somewhat superior nature!!!





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Editor’s Post including a Request.

The “Girls” wanted me to have a chat with you about the website as we have many new readers….and who am I to refuse ”Their” request!

  • Please feel free to send a picture of your Dachshund(s) and include a story if you want, or I will make one up based on the photo (you will be acknowledged!)
  • To make sure you get  a smile on your face every day (well most days!!) instead of having to go to the website each day (which we often don’t do because we are all so busy) I encourage you all to subscribe.
  • This means the latest blog will arrive as an email, and ensures a smile!! In this way you will get all updates on The Dachshund Social Club of Ballarat (“Club”) meetings so you can plan for them.
  • How? On the front page of the website and on the right hand side under the search button, you will see the Subscribe to Blog via Email. Put in your email address in the slot provided and then click on the “Subscribe” button.
  • Feel free to email me (the editor!) at nicbeale@bigpond.com.au with any suggestions
  • Finally as is outlined in the website introduction…”.Inspiration (for the website) has also come from a need to “lighten up a little” in a crazy world. We do hope you have a giggle and a laugh along the journey.”
  • By the way the blog has been going for 12 months now and is enjoyed by many across the world….tell your friends by emailing them the website address…THANKS.
  • Enjoy!
  • And just in case…..here is Mieke as a puppy in amongst the sage….come on smile she is darn cute!!!DSCF7138


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Dachshund Smiles for Monday

Come on humans own up…..who allows “Us” in the bed as a “hottie bottie” in winter?????


Well you can try….but….”We” will win….Cesar Milan or not!!




O boy humans just cannot resist “Us” and “We” love it!!!




Moral of the story…..humans are a walk over for Dachshunds!!!!!

Have a great week!

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“Club” Meeting – Dachshund Heaven

OMG, OMG……it was absolutely unbelievable…..”We” simply had the BEST time ever at “The Dachshund Social Club of Ballarat” get together yesterday.

Ten (10) of “Us” met for the biggest turnout to date…and Wow “We” are a great breed. To see “Us” altogether was something else….”We” even had a couple of BIG breed dogs come past and boy did this pack of Dachshunds send them packing!!

Seriously “We” are just like Doberman’s with short legs!!! Except “Our” nature is far better, and boy are “We” cute!

“We” welcomed Bentley (and Gail) Wallis, Pippa and Annabel (and Belinda) and Bernard and Fran (and Janine)….who you have met before…..some of Dachshunds finest specimens!

Bentley….and “My” hand-made specially designed (by Ray and Gail) Driza-bone raincoat….


Pippa, Wallis and Annabel….


Now they say herding cats is difficult….well Dachshund’s are worse…but Grandpa tried to get a few pictures…. O that Dee Dee (and Rebecca) were with us!!



Finally a massive thank you from all of “Us” Dachshunds to ”Our” humans for bringing “Us” to Club….all such lovely and friendly folk……you have to be one to own a Dachshund!!

PS All Melbourne fans of Dachshund Digest…come and join “Us” for one of “Our” gatherings….there is nothing like a drive into the country!

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Dachshunds Deal with Winter….

Now “We” are probably the smartest breed of dog, “Us” Dachshunds….

So Ballarat winters are cold…..well not quite like the English and Canadian correspondents….but “We” always have a solution.

As you all know “We” are not into the whole “global warming thing”……but boy do “We” like the sun in winter….check this out….Sam and Lulu in their favourite pose….


And just for fun, some more sun!!!


(Ed…..the “Girls” said “what does everybody think of Grandpa’s toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”)

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Dachshund Injury…Lulu in the wars…

Sam here….not sure how it happened…promise it was not me!!

After sustaining an injury to one of her nails, Lulu recently had to have the nail removed….The Best Dachshund Vet in the Whole Wide World “Doc Aaron” was called in and soon Lulu was home with bandage and all.


The bandage was off inside 2 hours……!!!!


By the way Lulu has been in the wars before…..here “I” am after “I” got a thorn in “My” foot……”I” am accident prone!!!!


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Stampeding Dachshunds….Be Very Scared!!

Well Grandpa had this thought…. (“We reckon it is always dangerous when he thinks!!)….to get a banner made like this one for the “Dachshund Club” meetings….because “We” do get a bit crazy when together, and “We” do like hunting as a pack!

Imagine being chased by a pack of Doberman’s with short legs!!! Scary stuff!!




Don’t forget “Club” meeting at 11am on Saturday 15th ….see you outside Pipers Restaurant at Lake Wendouree.


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