Canadian Correspondent

Well you will remember “Our relatives” in Canada Roxie and Annie.

Magnificent Labrador’s they are…..crazy because they love the snow…

photo (2)

Well Annie has to be luckiest dog alive……Annie has gone on Camp. She has kindly taken her owners to Nova Scotia in  a  campervan. Well life is hectic and holidays are about….well lazing around, chilling out, and generally felling quite relaxed……


“We” Sam, Lulu and Mieke want to also go on holiday….please Annie speak to your humans (aka Riverbob)….”We” are sure ”We” can join you all…..”We” are so small….and really no trouble! (Ed …yeh right!)

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Welcome Bernard and Fran to the Dachshund Club

OMG….well Grandpa went out hunting for new “Club” members, and he found the owner of Bernard and Fran…..and here they are warming themselves in front of the fire (you see how wise “We” Dachshunds are!)

Bernard and Fran IMG_7591

“We” think Bernard and Fran are just too cute!

“We” are busy persuading Bernard and Fran ( and their Mom) to come to “Club” on the 15th June!

And an update…..


Bloody Cute!!

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Dachshund “Club” Meeting Saturday 15 June – Diarise Now!!

“We” are so excited because it is a week to go until “Our” next “Club” meeting…..PLEASE come along it will be such fun.

Business card dachshund digest 010113v4


The next meeting of the “Club” will be at 11am on Saturday 15th June at Lake Wendouree. Let’s meet outside Pipers restaurant (near the Botanical Gardens) . “We” cannot wait to see you all.

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The 2013 Port Fairy Dachshund Dash

“We” are so excited…it is on this Sunday….if you can ….why not go and have a look!

Lottie and “Us” believe that Ballarat needs its own “Dachshund Dash” so “We” (The “Club”) are going to talk to Ballarat Tourism for when is the best time on the overall Ballarat Tourism Calendar.

You see “We” think that “Us” Dachshunds can be a major drawcard to bring “Dachshund Tourist Dollars” to our beautiful city!

PS Don’t forget the next “Club” meeting is on Saturday 15th June….see the website for details.


The 2013 Dachshund Dash is again sponsored by the Port Fairy & District Community Bank. Last year and we got a record number of competitors whose owners always look forward to the annual event in Port Fairy. 2013 again provides the opportunity to break the record of 41 hounds. We will again have the two divisions – Under 2 years and 2 years and over.

The Dachshund Dash will again be preceded on the Village Green by a ”Dog’s Breakfast” where all dogs, and their owners, are able to enjoy a BBQ breakfast and engage in “doggie games” before the march to Southcombe Park for the big race.

The 2013 Dachshund Dash will be run at 11am on Sunday 9th June 2013. Registration were held from 10am on the Village Green during the Dog’s Breakfast.

(Thanks Kim!)

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The “Club” Paws Walk and the Best Photographer.

OMG….OMG….did “We” at the Dachshund Club have the best time at the RSPCA annual Paws Walk!!!

Hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes…..but by far the BEST were the Dachshunds!! “We” came last (not that it was a race!) as ”We” wanted to smell and play….and ”We” have the shortest legs!

And now for some GREAT photos of the day……

paws walk 3

paws walk ver4

paws 5

Paws walk May 2013

“Now these photos…..”We” think “We” and the humans look so good!

“We” want to give credit for these fabulous photos to the wonderful Rebecca Croft, photographer “par excellence”. 

“We” are REALLY lucky as Rebecca is part of The Dachshund Club of Ballarat along with Dee Dee!

Rebecca is a well-known professionally trained photographer and has had a successful business in general photography.

“We” have a news scoop which “We” are SOOOO EXCITED about, because Rebecca has decided to specialise in Animal Photography….and “We” are very special animals, dogs, Dachshunds!

More news to follow including a new website for Rebecca…watch this space!

If you want professional photos of your pride and joys please contact Rebecca at…

Rebecca Croft Photography


m: 0418 553 230


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Big Decisions for Little Girls!

You see “Us” Dachshunds are very special and on the whole “We” get on well with the world of dogs (Well certainly “We” are better than humans…they are just crazy about different human groups…silly really!)

So anyway the “Ed” comes to “Us” and says can “We” show another dog breed on “Our” site. Well there was pandemonium from all three of “Us”…No ways “We” told him, the only compromise is family animals, and “We” sent him packing to the “human house” .

By the way…The concept of the “Dog House” as used by human kind is really offensive to “Us”!!

With his tail (does he actually have one?!) between his legs “Ed” came back and showed “Us” the picture ….and that was it…”We” said…publish it! So here it is……


Enjoy the week!

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“We” are going to live….!

Well are “We” relieved….after many months (and maybe for others years) of intense “dog” therapy for anxiety and looming doom, it looks like those “mongrels” were wrong!

Guess what?


Yes folks it looks like all is going to be okay after all.

You see “Our” problem is with humans…they create anxiety for “Us” Dachshunds by being….


So get over it humans….otherwise Dachshunds may have to rule the world…and wouldn’t that be a better place for all!!!

“We” want to know why it happened….easy says Grandpa….

bad science

Now the RSPCA  needs more money so why spend it on all this climate stuff…..just…..StopWastingMoney

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Dachshund Social Club of Ballarat – Simply the Best!

OMG…did “We” all have a great time at “Our” recent “Club” meeting…..that is the April meeting…..if you have not been you just have to get there.

“Club” is the best!

Sort of like a Dachshunds and Humans casual get together….of course if it was not for “Us” they would not meet up!!!!!

Here is what you missed….

Foreground… Mieke meets the wonderful Lottie

Background…Sam, Nellie,  ?  , and Lulu.


The beautiful Nellie and (help Gwen “We” forgot!!), who joined “Us” from Melbourne (thanks to Gwen and family for such a wonderful time…see you again see!)


Please join “Us” at “Our” next meeting on Saturday 15th June at Lake Wendouree (11am)

Photos on Paws Walk “Club” get together coming soon…..and that was absolutely fantastic….”We” Dachshunds stole the show!!!!



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“Our” French Correspondent

Well you see “We” love to hear from all over the world…..because ”We” think it is best that Dachshunds rule the world rather than some of the mad humans who seem to mess it up quite a bit.

So “Our” French correspondent from none other than Provence has sent “Us” a picture of one of the “family”.

This is Pickles from near Roussillon…cute name.  ”We” love long-haired Reds!


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Mieke – “My” new Studio Apartment

Well as you all know things have been a bit hectic around here…..”We” moved house!

Well Cazza in designing the new house insisted that “I” have “My” own studio apartment and WOW did she go for luxury!!

So let “Me” show you…..firstly top grade tiles …followed by a fabulous en suite (as I do love a bath!!)….huge built-in cupboards……brilliant view with sliding doors onto “My” own private patio and garden. Now once the fence is up that patio will be so cool!

Mieke suite

Now you have all seen “My” absolutely fantastic bed (a reminder below with light pouring in)….well that fits neatly down between the en suite and the windows…this means “I” can lie in bed and watch the world go by through the window…..Cazza is the best designer of Dachshund apartments in the world!!

mieke bed1

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