Spanish Correspondent

Well “We” want to tell you all that “We” are famous Worldwide…..”We” now have a Spanish correspondent, to add to our English, Brazilian, Canadian and French Correspondents. Rumour is Rupert Murdoch is starting to get worried!!!

“We” want to introduce you to “Our” extended family….well not Dachshunds but you get the idea!

First the Gorgeous Gi Gi….


And then the Terrible twins (well not really but they could be!) Crispi and Bonni.


They all live in wonderful Alicante (Spain) at a place you just HAVE to spend a few nights. Look up

“We” love them also because they sing…you know like a choir….they are crazy too!






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  1. Hola Chicos, deseándoles Feliz Pascua de la Costa Blanca, España. Tus Primos Españoles Crispin, Bonnie y Gigi xxx

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