The Dachshund United Nations General Assembly (including a Brazil connection!)

Now you all think “We” have gone crazy…..but “We” are not crazy, just bloody cute (Ed, language girls!)

Yes it was held in Melbourne, Australia not too long ago bringing delegates from all over the world…..can you imagine the bliss of being with the World Family of Dachshunds…..and ”We” all speak the same language….cool is it not!

We also do a helluva lot better than the human United Nations!!!!!!!!)

Here are some pictures…..first one with all the press “doing their thing”.


The “We” had the address from the Secretary General…..


Followed by a passionate plea from the Australian delegate for funds to market Dachshunds worldwide!! As you can see the humans are mesmerised by the Aussie!


Naturally the Brazilian delegate brought great class and beauty to the event…..she is just so Carnival savvy with that pose!!! Hope all Brazilian readers are enjoyed The Carnival.


Final Resolution: Dachshunds are the Best Breed in the Whole Wide World!! 


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