Truffle Hunters…..What “We” want to be!

Now you all know the rules….this is a Dachshund site, not for other dogs!

But there is always the exception ( see the Labrador’s from Canada and the Spanish crew!) and today it is – Pupuce and Mirabelle, who live in Provence, France. They are Truffle Hunters which is a very sort after role! (At €1,200 per kilogram, this is serious business.)

truffle hunters

“Pupuce and Mirabelle (mother and daughter) were all taught the same way. A tennis ball is cut in half and a small stick laced with truffle scent is placed inside. This ball is then kept with the puppy in its cage. When it brings the ball to its human master, the dog receives a treat. Pavlov’s dog, all over again. So, when the dogs go out into the fields to hunt truffles, they know that when they scent a truffle, they will be rewarded.”  (

So “We” all want to be Truffle Hunters as “We” will get lots of rewards!!

(Ed – if readers ever go to Provence you HAVE to stay at “Bastide Les Amis, a 2-acre terraced hill-top property, a short 150 metre stroll from the medieval ‘perched’ village of Menerbes, one of the “Most Beautiful Villages in France” and part of the Golden Triangle in the Luberon region of Provence.”. Just Google Bastide Les Amis.)


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